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Concrete Look Glazed Porcelain Tile


Technological innovation in ceramic production has made it possible to create concrete-look stoneware collections offering a very true reconstruction of the semblance of raw concrete, flaked plaster and modern cement. Thanks to advanced decoration techniques, not only have the minimalist details and unique features of concrete been re-created, but also the aesthetic appeal of aged surfaces marked by the passing of time, which convey the hallmarks of artisan manual work and the passage of man, making them almost eternal and unchanging, as is stoneware by nature.

Concrete-look porcelain floor and wall tiles flaunt material but essential textures of high visual impact, offered in the colour range of the cold hues of grey.  This pure, minimalist look is of great effect, perfect for those looking to create simple, yet lived-in atmospheres, bursting with personality, combining this with the excellent technical performance typical of porcelain tiles.

Opting for a collection of concrete-look porcelain tiles is a very precise style choice, enabling the creation of high-impact environments that convey the great expression of concrete with the additional plus points of being resistant to stains, hygienic, easy to clean and unchanging, as only porcelain tiles can guarantee.


Italica’s concrete-look tiles blend with contemporary and minimalist mood spaces and encompass the synthesis of technique, cutting-edge technology and aesthetic research. The maxi sizes proposed also exalt the unique graphic and structural features and make it possible to re-create the effect of a continuous surface in the floors or walls they clad.

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