Update Of Italica


Italica Trends Event at ANANTA Resort , Udipur.


Italica is all set to establish new benchmarks! Trends is about to begin.



Italica Tiles – Setting new paradigms of excellence. Established and steered by Mr. Shailesh Vasnani. One of the company who works on the ethos of innovation since its inception is Italica Tiles. Italica Floor Tiles has been enticing the customers globally and nationally. Every product characterising highest aesthetic beauty and unmatched quality. The development of real estate has led the tiles industry to be more innovative to fulfil chnaging and growing demands of the customers. By The inflight magazine of Air India “Shubh yatra” Bon Voyage, July 2013, Vol 1, Issue 6, Page No.-100…

Beauty inspired by myriad shades of nature


Italica Floor Tiles has been producing collections distinctively unique and superior. The group has kept technology and innovation at the core of its every function. By The inflight magazine of Spice Jet “spice route”, July 2013, Vol VII, Issue VII, Page No.-99 & 100…



Italica has introduced Pietra series in Digital Glazed Vitrified tiles. This exhaustive range is a visual treat for every customer. The series are promises to give your decor a pleasant look. By India’s first magazine on the tile industry “The tiles of India” , Jul Aug 2013, Vol 02, Issue 1, Page No.-158…