Statuario (Statuario Carrara)

Statuario (Statuario Carrara)

The whiteness of our Statuario marble stands for purity which is reflected is the quality of all our products. Excellent and mood lifting for your bathrooms and refreshing for your walls. Simple and fascinating to make you calm from your days work when you return home. We at Italica are always behind our products to give you ultimate experience and we are always innovating to bring comfort into your fast life and White Bianco marble is the proof of endeavors.

Modern Nero (Mueto Black)

Modern Nero (Mueto Black)


Black can be used in total black interior projects or matched with other colours, including, first and foremost, white and shades of grey, for a sophisticated, extremely contemporary result that is perfect for both residential areas and offices, public spaces and shops.

The range of black porcelain tiles offered by Italica comprises several variants, from more saturated, fuller shades to less intense blacks, softened by shading, scratches and clouding in the metal-look collections, or broken up by additions and pebbles, like in the terrace-look tiles of the Flake collection.

Bianco Marble (Praga)

Bianco Marble (Praga)

The whiteness of our White Bianco marble stands for purity which is reflected is the quality of all our products. Excellent and mood lifting for your bathrooms and refreshing for your walls. Simple and fascinating to make you calm from your days work when you return home. We at Italica are always behind our products to give you ultimate experience and we are always innovating to bring comfort into your fast life and White Bianco marble is the proof of endeavors.

Royal Black (Galaxy Gold)

Royal Black (Galaxy Gold)

  A black floor gives the environment in which it is located character and can create interesting contrasts, better highlighting the other colours and furnishing items.

It is, however, important to remember that the colour black influences the visual perception, making the rooms in which it is used apparently smaller; this must, therefore, be taken into account and balanced out with other shades of colour when furnishing more compact areas.

Solid colour black tiles or those with light graphics can create a neutral, yet appealing floor that can enhance the colours of the walls and optimise the furniture and accessories that complete the room. When the choice falls to black tiles with more incisive, captivating graphics, like, for example, the marble-look Black Marquinia of the Prestigious collection, they themselves become the stars of the ambiance, immediately drawing the gaze.

White Marble (Melton White)

White Marble (Melton White)


White is the colour that includes all those of the light spectrum.

It is the very symbol of light, purity and simplicity, a timeless colour that embraces a classic style just as perfectly as it does the contemporary.

White tiles are extremely versatile and available in various different shades, of which colder options are preferable for the bathroom or kitchen, whilst those tending towards vanilla or beige are ideal for the daytime areas and bedrooms.

White is aesthetically pleasing on any material and white ceramic can offer multiple different graphic patterns, from wood effect to metal, from concrete to modern polished glass or even patterns recalling natural stone and valuable marble.

Karim Rashid Exclusive Design

Karim Rashid Exclusive design

Karim Rashid Exclusive Design

Karim Rashid Design

Karim Rashid, an American Industrial designer, is one of the most well-known designers of the 21st century. Karim Rashid’s contemporary designs have mesmerized people all over the world. He has over 30 years of experience of working with Disneyland , Burj Khalifa- Dubai, Pepsi & more

Staying true to our brand promise, we roped in Mr. Karim Rashid to design and launch our signature collection called ‘Designs By Karim‘. 

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Metal Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Metal Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

With the metal-look porcelain tiles, the contemporary fascination and aesthetic power of metals, in their many different textures and finishes blend with the technical performance of stoneware tiles, allowing for their use also in application contexts where specific technical resistance and abrasion resistance are required, as well as for use outdoors, with a guarantee of duration and that the material will not alter over time, even in extreme weather conditions.

Metal effect Porcelain Stoneware Collections with an Avant grade Touch

Italica’s metal-look stoneware floors offer different aesthetics evoking the various types of metals that inspired them: from ruined, oxidised sheet metal through to metal rusted over time and by the atmospheric agents represented by the rust-look porcelain tiles.

Each collection is the result of different interpretations, which are always inclusive and captivating, perfect for giving commercial or residential interiors a modern, hi-tech, industrial touch or a more “lived-in” vintage look, yet at the same time being extremely contemporary and in line with the latest interior design trends.

Italica Tiles has interpreted the metal-look porcelain tiles in the Oxyde variant of the Design Industry collection in Stardust, where the metal effect blends with the marble effect in a truly original result, and in the Foil line, inspired by the hand-beaten bodywork sheet metal.

Concrete Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Concrete Look Glazed Porcelain Tile


Technological innovation in ceramic production has made it possible to create concrete-look stoneware collections offering a very true reconstruction of the semblance of raw concrete, flaked plaster and modern cement. Thanks to advanced decoration techniques, not only have the minimalist details and unique features of concrete been re-created, but also the aesthetic appeal of aged surfaces marked by the passing of time, which convey the hallmarks of artisan manual work and the passage of man, making them almost eternal and unchanging, as is stoneware by nature.

Concrete-look porcelain floor and wall tiles flaunt material but essential textures of high visual impact, offered in the colour range of the cold hues of grey.  This pure, minimalist look is of great effect, perfect for those looking to create simple, yet lived-in atmospheres, bursting with personality, combining this with the excellent technical performance typical of porcelain tiles.

Opting for a collection of concrete-look porcelain tiles is a very precise style choice, enabling the creation of high-impact environments that convey the great expression of concrete with the additional plus points of being resistant to stains, hygienic, easy to clean and unchanging, as only porcelain tiles can guarantee.


Italica’s concrete-look tiles blend with contemporary and minimalist mood spaces and encompass the synthesis of technique, cutting-edge technology and aesthetic research. The maxi sizes proposed also exalt the unique graphic and structural features and make it possible to re-create the effect of a continuous surface in the floors or walls they clad.

Wood Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Wood Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Wood look tiles are one of the key trends for indoor and outdoor floor, capturing the beauty of natural planks and combining it with the durability of porcelain tiles.

This type of tile is natural-looking and combines all the beauty of wood with the durability of tile, so you can give any room the elegant look of hardwood.

What is Wood Tile Flooring?

A porcelain or ceramic wood tile is nothing, but simple porcelain tile, which appears to be a plank of wood because of their wood-like texture and design on its surface. When laid on floors, these tiles give the impression of wooden flooring. In fact, they look so similar with naked eyes that it is practically impossible to identify whether they are real wood or porcelain until you touch them. Thanks to the advancements in the tile manufacturing industry that have led to the production of porcelain tiles with more detailing and exact wood-like looks. In fact, the detailing on the tile surface is so intricate that it simply gives the feel of some hand-scraped wooden floors.

Advantages of Wood Tile Flooring..

Just like other ceramic or porcelain tiles, wood floor tiles are manufactured with a prime focus on functionality and longevity. This makes these tiles suitable for both home and office use, and are known to be extensively used in large residential as well as commercial projects worldwide. It has several major advantages over real wood planks or flooring that can be credited for its widespread popularity. Unlike wood, ceramic or porcelain wood tile can be freely used for flooring in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that are likely to get wet more frequently. Moreover, they are resistant to scratches and stains and this makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Wood tiles are very tough and strong and hence considered suitable for nearly every type of floor design and can be used for a bevy of other applications as well. With unique designs patterns and numerous sizes and shapes of wood tiles, you can be creative enough to accentuate your walls with them for an idyllic and nature-inspired interior décor.

Whether you are looking to create a classy or minimalist décor, wood tiles would never disappoint you. Instead, these tiles offer innumerable options to be as creative as you can while designing the interiors of your home.       

The characteristics of Italica Glazed Porcelain tiles

Waterproofing and stain resistance, coupled with resistance to wear and tear, impacts and breakage stress are the main advantages of porcelain tiles that looks like wood, as well as the fact that they are fireproof and do not change, even when exposed to the most extreme weather conditions, remaining unaltered with the passing of time and weathering.  Additionally, in terms of environmental impact, as ceramic is an inert material produced using raw materials that are easily found in nature.

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Stone Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Stone Look Glazed Porcelain Tile

Choosing to tile a room or an outdoor setting means giving it not only a face-lift but a new soul. This is why it is important to choose the type of flooring very carefully.

A new type of tile has been on the market for around a decade, a tile with special features and a highly attractive visual impact that is making headway. These are tiles that look like stone.

Until a few years ago stone-effect tiles were clearly artificial, but today the continuous advances in technology make them practically indistinguishable from natural quarry materials.

Natural stone effect porcelain tile for walls and floorings

Typical veins, grainy and irregular textures, natural nuances of stone combine with the resistance of porcelain stoneware in a collection of versatile and elegant floor and wall tiles, suitable for the installation in both indoors and outdoors, in domestic and commercial contexts.

Italica natural stone effect collection conveys a traditional mood and a timeless elegance, but is also able to define architectural and interior design projects with a modern appeal.

Italica tiles collections are inspired by various types of stone existing in nature, each one with different origins and characteristics, but the same values: strength, elegance, personality, elements that combined with the high technical performance of stoneware create a balanced and contemporary product.

Why are stone look tiles enjoying such a huge success?

Whatever your personal taste and your preference, or not, for materials that resemble nature, stone-effect tiles create a particularly welcoming atmosphere, adding an elegant and sophisticated appeal to any setting.

Using cutting-edge production technologies, today stone-effect tiles are available in a range of colours and models that are able to satisfy any kind of furnishing need.

And equally important, contrary to real stone, stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles require no special maintenance. They can be cleaned easily using natural products.

These tiles are also highly resistant to wear and can be used for both indoor and outdoor laying.

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