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Launch Of Designs By Karim, Mumbai


Marking another benchmark, Italica tiles launched its exclusive signature collection ‘Designs By Karim’ designed and co-branded by Karim Rashid, the guru of modern designing. This avant-garde collection was launched at a momentous event at Mumbai’s Sahara Star Hotel on June 21, 2018. Featuring some of the most awe-inspiring and vivacious designs from one of the world’s pre-eminent designers; this is the first co-branded collection of tiles to be introduced in
India. The entire collection has been copyrighted by Italica. ‘Designs By Karim’ is just the beginning of this ingenious association between Italica and Karim.



Italica made its presence felt at Vibrant Ceramics with its effective product display. It was able to stand out from the crowd with the help of its one of a kind collection. From having an amazing start to a memorable ending, everything in between was
just impeccable. We inclined towards concept driven embellishments that captivated everyone’s attention at the event. Besides, our distinctive and creative ways to portray the application potential of our collection
helped us to garner a lot of appreciation and attention. All in all, we were able to put up a great show.

Italica Trends Event at ANANTA Resort , Udaipur.


The house of Italica conducted a festivity of creativity, an event to remember-Trends 2017 in Udaipur from 26th August to 28th August 2017. The event was attended by 300+ dealers. This three-day event was organized to unveil the updated logo of Italica
and to launch innovative DGVT collection. Apart from a refurbished look, Italica had something else too that left all in awe. It launched DGVT in groundbreaking size alternative of 750×1500 mm. This size was
launched for the first time in India. Many other products having mesmerizing finishes that closely imitate natural marbles were also launched. This massive product launch received an equally massive response



Italica Tiles – Setting new paradigms of excellence. Established and steered by Mr. Shailesh Vasnani. One of the company who works on the ethos of innovation since its inception is Italica Tiles. Italica Floor Tiles has been enticing the customers globally
and nationally. Every product characterising highest aesthetic beauty and unmatched quality. The development of real estate has led the tiles industry to be more innovative to fulfil chnaging and growing demands
of the customers. By The inflight magazine of Air India “Shubh yatra” Bon Voyage, July 2013, Vol 1, Issue 6, Page No.-100…

Beauty inspired by myriad shades of nature


Italica Floor Tiles has been producing collections distinctively unique and superior. The group has kept technology and innovation at the core of its every function. By The inflight magazine of Spice Jet “spice route”, July 2013, Vol VII, Issue VII, Page
No.-99 & 100…



Italica has introduced Pietra series in Digital Glazed Vitrified tiles. This exhaustive range is a visual treat for every customer. The series are promises to give your decor a pleasant look. By India’s first magazine on the tile industry “The tiles of

India” , Jul Aug 2013, Vol 02, Issue 1, Page No.-158…

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